Obituary – Mildred L. Rausch

MILDRED L. RAUSCH died on April 2, 2002. She was born in Goshen on October 8, 1908 to Ida (Smith) and Emmett Howard. Mildred was married to Adrien Rausch who preceeded her in death. Her siblings were Kathryn Howard Krocker, Evelyn Howard Moore, and Donald Howard. Funeral services were performed by Rev. Michael Foran and Rev. Allen Bergmann. She was buried at the Sharon Moravian Church Cemetery.

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7 thoughts on “Obituary – Mildred L. Rausch

  1. Eric Butler

    My great-grandmother, Fannie Cornelia Smith Quinn, was Ida Smith’s sister. I recall my great-grandma telling me of how the children were all split-up when they were quite young due to the death of their mother, Rachel Reardon Smith. Their father, Benjamin Smith, later married Nellie Miksch.

    Fannie Quinn’s daughter, Nellie Quinn Graham (my paternal grandmother) was very close to her first cousin, Mildred Rausch, usually talking several times a week by telephone.

    Fannie Quinn died in 1982; Nellie Graham died in 1995. Fannie and Ida’s siblings, as I recall, were Marion, Homer and Mayme (Mamie?).

    Somehow the Schaar family figured in, as did the Schupp family, possibly when the Smith children were split-up.

    • Joe Krocker


      Ida Smith Howard was my Great Grandmother!

      Joe Krocker

      • Eric Butler

        I know John Delcoma was a grandson of Mildred Rausch. From 1999 to 2004 I lived in New Philly and worked at Geib’s. And I’m glad to know you are my cousin! If you’d like to email directly, I’m at and now live in Payson, AZ.

        For a long time I’ve looked into the family history, with some luck. I have a great photo of Rachel Reardon Smith, but that’s as far back that I’ve gone. I remember my great-grandma talking about your great-grandma. I think their brother Marion took his life and was found by Mr. Fuhrer, the vacuum repair fellow in New Philly.

        Years ago, my grandmother Nellie Graham (Fannie’s daughter, and named after Ben Smith’s second wife) and my dad and great-uncle, Fannie’s son, found an old, old house down in Dutch Hollow, below Gnadenhutten. Don’t remember if it was on the Quinn or Smith side.

        Let’s stay in touch. Tell me more about our clan! Thanks very much for replying.

    • After the death of her mother, Rachel Reardon Smith, Ida Smith (my grandmother) was entered into a guardianship agreement (of which we have a copy) with the Lawrence and Rosanna Schaar family of Goshen. There were no Schupps involved that I know of. Ida was just 6 years old when she went to live with the Schaars and later Emmett Howard came to board with the Schaars. He and Ida were married in 1908. Emmett was working as a mining engineer at the Wainwright coal mines. There were six children in the Smith family, Fannie, Mayme, Ida, Marion, Homer and Bill. I have some pictures of the Smith family if you are interested.
      Ed Krocker

      • Eric Butler

        Hi, Ed, and thank you very much for your information. In going through our family records, Schupps were married with Fannie Smith’s husband (Thomas Charles Quinn) family. If you have any photos of the Smith family, I appreciate seeing them. My email is:

        I remember my great-grandmother Fannie speaking of Mayme, Homer, Ida, Marion, but never knew about Bill.

        Again, thank you.

      • Eric Butler

        Hi, Ed . . . since having been some time since we communicated, I apologize. You and I may have met. I worked at Geib’s in New Philly for five years, 1999 to 2004. Any photos of the Smith family that you can share would be greatly appreciated. Through I’ve gleaned some, but very little, help with our family. Thanks in advance.

      • Eric Butler

        Ed, I’d very much appreciate seeing any photos of the Smith family. By the time it all trickled down to my father and me, there was nothing in the way of photos except one I have of Rachel Smith. Thank you for anything you can provide.

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