Zeisberger Cemetery

Zeisberger Cemetery wall partially rebuilt…

Kim Sulzner (white shirt) and Rick Stein, both of New Philadelphia, dismantled and rebuilt a portion of the wall surrounding the Zeisberger Cemetery in Goshen. The Wall had developed a large crack and had been pushed outward by a tree which grew to close to it. The men work for Gor-Con Construction of Dover. The project was finished on Tuesday August 21, 2012.

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Zeisberger Cemetery Crosses

A cluster of crosses erected at the Zeisberger Memorial Cemetery, in Goshen, is quite a site for residents and visitors alike. The 25 ft. gold cross that is flanked by two, 20 ft. pale blue crosses, symbolize Christ on the cross and the two thieves who were crucified with Him. The crosses were put there by the late Rev. Bernard Coffindaffer, of Charleston. W.V., who was a businessman and evangelist.
Coffindaffer began setting the crosses after undergoing open-heart surgery in 1982, explaining that a spirit appeared to him telling him to start erecting the crosses.
“The crosses are to remind people to remember that Jesus was crucified on a cross at Calvary for our sins, and he will return soon,” Coffindaffer said in an interview prior to his death, in October of 1993, at the age of 68. It is estimated that more than $3 million was spent on the crosses that were set in 29 eastern and southern states plus Zambia and the Philipines. The cost of each cluster is approximately $850. There are 158 clusters of crosses in Ohio alone.
Landowners were asked to donate land for the crosses, many of which were erected near well-travelled roadways or in towns having biblical names. After setting each trio of crosses, a prayer was said to bless them. More than 1860 clusters were set during Coffindaffer’s lifetime. Sara Abraham of Vicksburg, MS formed Crosses Across America, Inc. in 1999, picking up where Coffindaffer left off.
The crosses at Goshen are inspected each year during the annual Zeisberger Cemetery Clean Up and have been repainted once.

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Goshen Pictures – 1960’s

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Annual Zeisberger Cemetery Clean Up 2011

These are photos of the annual Zeisberger Cemetery clean up. Each year in the spring, area residents get together to get the historical site ready for its busiest season. Following the clean up, a covered dish picnic is held at the home of Teri and Joe Stein. This clean up was held in April and the newly formed Zeisberger Trail and Parks Committee also assisted.

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