John Dillinger – Famous Bank Robber

During the 1993 annual Goshen Picnic, which was held at Russ and Ruth Ann Hobart’s pond and picnic area on Goshen Valley Rd., residents reminisced about the legend of John Dillinger. Dillinger, who was one of America’s most notorious outlaws, had once visited the small Goshen Community.

As the story goes, Dillinger had stopped at a Goshen saloon, which was soon surrounded by law enforcement after learning of his visit. But Dillinger somehow managed to escape and never again returned to the community.

 According to Wikipedia, John Herbert Dillinger, Jr. was born June 22, 1903 and was an Amercian Bank Robber in the Depression-era United States. He was charged, but never convicted of, murder in an East Chicago, Indiana police officer during a shootout. His gang robbed 2 dozen banks and 4 police stations. He escaped from jail twice. He was shot and killed while attempting to flee as federal agents moved ot arrest him as he was leaving a theater in Chicago in July of 1934. 

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