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Goshen Little League

Approximately 40 years ago, the Goshen Little League thrived and was an exciting part of the Goshen Community. Ron Ebert coached the team for a few years and then Daniel D. Carlisle took the reigns. During this time the Midvale Lions sponsored the teams of Goshen, Roswell, Barnhill and Midvale which made up the league. After a few years, Goshen became part of the county league and New Philadelphia donated uniforms to Goshen’s team. Games were played on a ballfied owned by Huck and Ellen Wilson. The property is currently Fox’s Horse Farm. The Wilson’s bought wire fencing and Warner and Swasey made poles to create the backstop.

The community enjoyed taking part of the baseball team. Elsie Starcher was treasurer and ran the concession stand with the held of volunteers. The team had many players during this time and won several tournaments. A Pony League Team (ages 13-17) in Goshen was also dominate the sport for many years.

After Dan Carlisle moved on to coach several other area teams, others stepped in to fill the role of coach. Some them were Louie Krocker, Ed Leggett and Ed Krocker. Following each season, a banquet was held at the Chicken Manor, at Strasburg.

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Thurl and Elsie Starcher

Thurl and Elsie Starcher moved to Goshen in 1947 after Thurl, a gunsmith, went to work for Sam Bond Gun Shop, near New Philadelphia. Their house was formerly the canal lockkeeper’s house, but had been moved from its original location. The couple had two children, Lyndell and Marilyn. Marilyn and her husband, Jim Page, have lived in the home along 416 since their marriage in 1972. The home was destroyed by fire and a new home was constructed on the site. The Pages have three sons, Shane, Matt and Tim, all of Tuscarawas. The home gets a lot of attention during the Christmas holiday as it has one of the largest light displays in the county. It features thousands of lights and handmade cartoon characters. Marilyn noted that their current driveway was a part of the old road (later Rt. 16 and 416) that went through Goshen.

Elsie served as treasurer for the Little League team in Goshen and was also in charge of storing, mending and issuing uniforms. One year, there were no uniform pants that would fit a husky Goshen Little Leaguer. Elsie sewed two pairs of pants together in order to complete a uniform for the player.

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