Walton Brothers Store – Beidler, Ohio



The picture of the store at Beidler with the Walton sign.
The man wearing the baseball uniform was John Quincy Adamson.

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Beidler Store and gathering…

beidler store

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The Ohio Democrat and Times, May 23, 1901 – BASS ISLAND

The Name of the New Resort in the Tuscarawas River

Down the river about 200 yards from where the Stillwater empties its yellow water into the sparkling Tuscarawas there is an island of about 30 acres. On either side of the island is what is known as the state dam, which was placed there in early days to provide water for keeping the canal filled but part of the dam is washed away, enough remaining however to make deep water on both sides of the island and so void of current too that row boating is made easy.
Harry Darst formerly of Blakes Mills lives on the island and is also the pilot of the three steam boats that ply between the island and the Stillwater bridge. Mr Darst has the Falcon and Genevieve, which were used for sailing on the canal and he also has one larger steamer, new, to which he has not given a name. The new boat will carry 150, the Falcon 75 and the Genevieve is for small parties.
The Tuscarawas Electric Railroad Co. has taken a deep interest in giving to the island some facilities that will make it a resting place for families that will make it a delightful resort for picnic parties, for Sunday school outings and a place where the average, tired man can find rest and recreation. Being easily reached from Uhrichsville and Dennison from the south and by New Philadelphia and Canal Dover from the North, there is nothing to prevent it being a desirable place for Sunday outings or any other day for that matter, especially is this true when it is once known that the rough element will not be permitted in override or distress those who quietly go to spend a few hours in pleasant repose.
It was our pleasant privilege a few days ago of being one of an invited party to inspect the island and the means of reaching it. The party went from New Philadelphia and was accompanied by Supt. Akins of the Tuscarawas Street Railway. On the arrival of the car at the bridge over the Stillwater, the party embarked on the steamer Falcon, with Harry Rice as Captain. Harry Darst as pilot and Charles Shoop as Engineer. The ride down the Stillwater is through the deepest part of that stream, the banks of the river are beautiful and green at this season, but when once in the Tuscarawas the channel is swifter, while the scene is no less beautiful and inspiring. Water travel at all times is a source of exquisite pleasure and though the ride from the bridge to the island is not an extended one, yet it is pleasing.
Mr. Darst has a good lunch room at his place and he will at once build a dancing platform, will erect tables for the accomodation of picnic parties, he will also keep fishing tackle, bait and etc. for fishermen and will have bathing suits for those who desire to take a plunge in the sparkling waters of the beautiful Tuscarawas. There is a possibility that during the summer months a theatrical troupe will be engaged and that plays will be put on in the big tent which will be erected on the grounds.
It is now the intention of the Railroad Co. to open the place to the general public in about two weeks. When it is opened there will be grand hurrahs and a montrous time. The fare from New Philadelphia to the Island and return will be put at the very low price of 15. cents.
If any of our people desire to take an hour or two away from business or home, we know that the boat ride will be most delightful. Try a trip.

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Goshen Hill School

Goshen Hill School

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Goshen Hill Church

Photo from approximately 1868 of the Goshen Hill Church which sat near the
Goshen Hill Cemetery.

Photo from approximately 1868 of the Goshen Hill Church

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Canal Put Goshen on the Map (from Recollections of a Community Part 1, page 3)

 Ohio and Eric Canal Lock No. 14 at Goshen was one of the most photographed of all the canal locks because its location was so picturesqe. Enterprising photographers during the canal era often took pictures of canal boats passing through the lock, often called Newcastle Lock. It still exists and is located along Rt. 416, just south of the former Carlisle Canoe Center.
    The canal ran south from Cleveland to Portsmouth and was completed through Tuscarawas County, in 1830. Until then, the county was isolated and secluded, having little contact with the rest of the world. Called the “Silver Ribbon”, the canal was completed and opened for navigation through its entire length on December 1, 1832 and covered more than 308 miles. There were 15 canal locks (Numbers 7 through 21) located within Tuscarawas County.
    The canal ran through the communities of Goshen and Beidler near the Tuscarawas River and there was a bridge crossing the canal at Goshen. A lot of coal mined in the Goshen area was shipped on canal boats. Wheat and other crops also were shipped north to Cleveland and on to New York City or south to Portsmouth and on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans.
    The Ohio and Erie Canal began to decline in profitability in the late 1800’s and the severe flood in 1913 destroyed most of the canal and others in the state.
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Miscellaneous Pictures – From: Mike Swaldo

If you can identify these people, please comment on this post and I will
add the names to them.

L-R: Front- Dean Haney, Jack Davis (ball hat) Jane Cookson, (girl with knit hat) Frank Davis (ball hat) and Bob Haney (tallest boy) Back- Ida Mae Davis, Amelia Davis, Faye Haney and Ester Haney

L-R: Front- Frank and Jack Davis, Middle Row: Ida Davis and Faye Haney, Back Row- Amelia Davis, William Haney and Esther Haney

Both photos were taken in 1938-1939. The photo with 9 people in it was taken at the Haney Home. The photo with 7 people in it was taken at the Davis home and in the background to the right is the home belonging to Russell and Gladys Cookson. Jane Cookson, who is in the photo with the 9 people, is their daughter. That home did burn down some years later. Frank also said there was a small road leading from the the Russell Cookson place, back about a 1/4 of a mile to a log home belonging to Rusell’s father, James Cookson. James was married to Sue, who was the sister of Davis’s Grandfather Frank Hill. There was a home that cannot be seen in the photo with 7 people in it since it was taken in the back of the Davis property. That would be the home that now belongs to Eric Brokaw. It did belong to Lena Gervasi Richardson at that time. The Davis home is no longer standing.

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