Goshen Neighbor of the Year Award

1999 was the first year for the Goshen Neighbor of the Year Award, which was started by Bruce and Robin Brokaw. Beginning in 2012, the name of the award will be changed to the Brian Schaar Neighbor of the Year Award, in memory of Schaar who passed away on July 17, due to a kayaking accident. Past recipients have been:

1999 – Teri and Joe Stein

2000 – Ed Krocker Family and Kate Hanlon

2001  – No recipient

2002  – Floyd “Zeke” and Marge Davis

2003  – Glenn and Leah Carlisle

2004  – Brian Schaar

2005  – Russ and Ruthann Hobart

2006  – Dan Carlisle

2007  – Mark and Paula Mehok Putnam

2008  – Dave and Ruth Meese

2009  – Goshen Community Church of the Nazarene

2010  – Page Family

2011  – Vi Schmitzer, of Dover honorary award for delivering mail to the
community for many years.

2012 – Joe Krocker

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